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With the growing number of mobile apps available online, it might look like creating one is very simple. But it is actually not. Mobile app development starts with coming up with a plan to create an efficient app and make it popular in the market. Having a great team of programmers and developers will be really helpful especially those with expertise and lots of experience like developers from App Development Sydney.

However, there’s no perfect app. Even after careful development, there might still be issues that can occur in launching the app and that’s something to be expected especially at first. It is not avoidable but very much fixable with the help of the expert’s knowledge. Below are some things you need to know in order to launch your app successfully.

App Development Sydney

1. Identify your goal and target audience

You need to set a specific goal for building your app. It is of course something that will benefit the business and the app users. You have to be specific in determining who you intended to create the apps for.

2. Expand web presence

Identify the social networks most popular with your target audience. If your targeting criteria is age-specific, for example, market on those networks most popular with your ideal age bracket. Once you know where your market is, register your accounts and start posting or sharing content related to your soon-to-be-launched app.

Reporters and bloggers can help you extend awareness of your app to scores of potential new users.

3. Organise visual assets

The more visuals you have, including artwork, logos, screenshots and video, the prettier and more dynamic your resulting articles and marketing collateral will look, and the more interesting and communicative it will be to your audience.

App Development Sydney

4. Test and Retest

It is important to know the effectiveness and efficiency of the app before the launch. Do some tests and retest the app until it’s working at its best. During your tests, you may find bugs that need to be fixed by your developer or user interface improvements that can be made.

5. Do the launch

Once you feel comfortable with your app, it’s time to submit it to the app store through Apple and/or Google. Once your app is approved, be sure to tell everyone you can about what you are doing.

Every company hopes for a perfect app launch. Having a great team working on your app can make this almost possible. App Development Sydney has been an expert in developing apps and promises to be the great partner for you.

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Mobile App Development Sydney

There’s a large competition in the mobile app market nowadays. Entering it is not simple and creating a successful app can be a challenge for many companies. There are thousands and thousands of apps competing with each other and it’s important to create one that will surely get the attention of the target users and of course make them loyal into using it. If your company is investing into mobile development, it’s best to have the services of expert developers from Mobile App Development Sydney to make sure that your effort and resources will not go to waste.

Mobile App Development Sydney

There are lots of factors to be considered into creating an app. One of these factors is the framework used to build it. There are a number of frameworks that make creating apps possible. They also have done half of the hard work to bridge the gap between web and mobile platforms. Below are some of the most popular frameworks to be used in mobile app development.

1. jQuery Mobile

It helps develop web apps that will work equally well on all mobile browsers (including oldies such as Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Symbian). As such, it is very lightweight, depends only on jQuery and is quite easy to learn. It can also support for wide range of mobile browsers.

2. Ratchet

It comes with a collection of User Interface and JavaScript plugins for building simple mobile apps, providing reusable HTML classes. In version 2.0, Ratchet is also shipped with its proprietary font icon set named Ratcheticon and two pre-made UI themes for iOS and Android.

3. Jo

It is powered by CSS3, so it makes it easy for web developers at any level of experience to grasp and start styling their apps. You can also use Jo along with PhoneGapor Cordova to pack your app for use on mobile platform.

Mobile App Development Sydney

4. Onsen UI

This is an open source framework that allows developers to build apps by combining native-looking components. It’s fairly simple to use, can work with or without AngularJS, and has great documentation that includes lots of examples and layouts for the most common app structures.

5. Appcelerator’s Titanium

It is an open source mobile application framework that provides an environment to create native apps for several mobile platforms

There is no best app framework. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. What’s important is how to use them properly. No need to worry because Mobile App Development Sydney will surely help your business build an app with the suitable framework.

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